Thursday, July 08, 2004

I still haven't managed to send out the link to this log--ack! I have, however, been busy, and not only working and attending class: I am battling an ant invasion in my kitchen. So far, I have great hope that the organic homebrew anti-ant potion I found on the web (Dr. Bronner's soap and oil of cloves) will be effective, but I'm reserving judgment, and the right to run out and buy ant traps, for a while yet.

I hope you are are well, and pest-free. If you have any ant warfare tips, let me know.

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Christine said...

Alas, the link to the homebrew anti-ant recipe has died. Here is what I remember doing:

1. Get yourself a half-pint jar.

2. Put about half of a little bottle of oil of cloves (1/2 oz?) in the jar.

3. Fill the jar with Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Magic Soap. ("All One!")*

4. Mix. The mixture should be thick and glossy, and will froth a bit because of the soap.

5. Glop a goodly spoonful into a spray bottle, fill bottle with water, shake.

6. Spray: on ants (to kill them), in corners and entry points (to discourage them).

7. Use the spray to wipe down counters on a regular basis. It has an odd but not unpleasant scent.

I'm sorry this isn't more precise. I'm sure that the mixture is
just the oil of cloves and the soap, and pretty sure I have the
proportions more or less right. I doubt it matters much. One small jar will last quite a while.

The next time I mix up a batch, I'm tempted to try the lavender Dr. Bronner's. I think it would smell even better.