Thursday, June 22, 2006

Five months and 11 days later...

Hmmm. It's been a long time since the last update. Where has the time gone?

Alas, much of my time has been devoted solely to the gentle art of daily living. Although I'm getting better at managing my health, my energy's still pretty low, and I haven't been getting out as much as I'd like.

My Summer's off to a good start, however. As previously forecast, I switched to a new job at the UW last February; I managed to hit said new job at a point where several big projects were coming to a head, but things are settling down now, I'm settling in nicely, and I think I'm even beginning to see some small benefits from the quieter worklife.

I am positively delighted to be able to be back in school again. My quarters seem to be coming in MUP prerequisite themes this year; Spring was environmental science (with a 100-level online class and the UW Water Center's Tuesday morning seminar series), and Summer is American government (with POL S 202 supplemented by a class on state government at the Evans School, and a dash of GIS for kicks). I'm a little concerned about the workload this Summer; I'm taking vacation time for the first two weeks of the quarter (this week and next) and will also be using a few hours of vacation each week to go to class, but it may still be more than I can handle while still working. Fortunately, the Evans school class meets only during the b-term (mid-July to mid-August), so if I find my hands are full with the other two classes I can easily make it disappear.

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