Saturday, August 18, 2007

Farmer's Market Haul

I feel all warm and fuzzy whenever I think about the Neighborhood Farmer's Market Alliance, which operates several weekly farmer's markets in various locations in Seattle. As Carissa puts it, it's one of the ways in which those annoying self-righteous technology-loving stereotypically-green Seattleites actually prove themselves useful. The markets support local small farms--and they're well-run, easy to locate, and generally packed with produce-seeking shoppers.

I usually meet a friend of mine at the U-District market on Saturdays. Said friend is out of town today, but I made the trek despite the lack of social incentive, and came away with a bunch of luscious, mostly organic, produce: tomatoes, yellow zucchini, carrots, bok choi, Japanese cucumbers, baby turnips, plums, and various fresh herbs. Good Seattleite that I am, I hauled it all back home in a reusable nylon shopping bag.*

You'd think that all this bounty would lead me toward healthier eating, but I'm not so sure that today's lunch was exactly a step in that direction. It featured the zucchini in a lovely pasta with a cream sauce and bacon on top.

*David Lindes deserves the credit for alerting me to the existence of Thanks, David!


marie. said...

oh goodness that looks so lovely.

our farmers markets are overrun with people who buy oranges at wal-mart & try to pass them off as home-grown.

Christine said...

Thank you, thank you for making me feel better about the fact that we'd run those folks out of town on a rail. There's a big sign up at the U-District market that explains a bit condescendingly why there are no bananas for sale.

marie. said...

seattle>fort worth any day of the week.

lindes said...

Ooh, you got yourself a different sort of reusable bag than the acme workhorse style that I've been using. We'll have to get together sometime and compare. :-)

lindes said...

P.S. Thanks for the shout out. Glad you like 'em! :-)

Christine said...

Marie, if you're talking about smugness, Seattle > the world. We are really alarmingly full of ourselves.

David, we should definitely get together and compare bags--it's been far too long! I'm afraid I went with my silly girly side rather than my puritan side on this one. The flowers make me really, really happy.