Tuesday, November 06, 2007

What's Wrong with This Picture?

Day 328: Admiring the Plumber's Creativity

(Not that I'm complaining.)


rachelcreative said...

And here was me worrying that we weren't going to get any more plumbing posts!

Ooh - water that falls before it puddles. Cutting edge stuff!

Christine said...

I'm glad to have put those fears to rest. I have to admit I feel a bit empty now that I don't have plumbing to whine about, but I take comfort in the knowledge that there's always a new complaint just around the corner. :-)

And oh, the luxury of falling water! I'd all but forgotten.

Anonymous said...

Shower curtain rings!

I'm just testing out the comment function. Look! I can comment pointlessly any time I want to! Wheee!